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Letter #3 A man of Vision

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-against-                                                                     97 CV 2550 (ILG)



Your honor,

It seems as if I’m coming from both sides, because Mr. Spritzer said last week that I’m on the board of directors of machne menachem. And from my group I am at least an officer.

I sat on Wednesday and I heard a speech for about an hour, and I waited to hear one word of truth, and thank g-d at the end I finally heard it. Mr. Spritzer said that he is a man of vision. And that is true.

When we originally invited him to be a board member in the camp, and we divided the responsibilities of the directors, we put with him -as per his request- the responsibility of being treasurer and in charge of accounting. At the time we did, not understand his goals, his meaning, but from the beginning he had a plan, a “vision” how to hijack the camp from its original directors and take it for himself and his children. Now THAT is a man of vision.

All his intentions throughout were solely to make money.

Even the mikva that he said that he is going to build is only a tool to make money through donations, etc.

How did is son (Yehuda) put it? He once told me “my father does not enter a project if there is no money involved.” And I can tell you that when he sees money he will do anything to reach his objective.

With vision.

I have stated that I did not hear one word of truth (other than the aforementioned) and this is not an exaggeration. But being that I do not want to tire the court I will bring only a few examples of different cases and through these we can understand the rest.

1) Regarding the finding of the actual grounds, I’d like to notify the court that Mr. Spritzer had nothing to do with it. My son-in-law and I searched for weeks during the winter months of 1996 until we found the grounds after many trips back and forth to the mountains. We found the grounds, negotiated on its price (from its original $700,000 down to $600,000) plus additional conditions, with three payments till the closing and the rest to be paid afterwards for five years.

If that mortgage would have stayed, the camp would now have been free and clear.

Only after we finished negotiations and we had to sign, did Mr. Spritzer – with vision- come down with his lawyer, Mr. Rubin and with Mr. Schreiber, to sign on the grounds. It is understood that Mr. Hartman and myself were also there at the time. (I’d also like to note that I had also signed on the paper but for some reason it disappeared)

2) Rabbi Heber and Yoseph Goldman were involved in the buying, negotiations, etc. of the camp through my brother Mendel and I. (Rabbi Heber used to speak to my brother almost every day). But we respected Rabbi Heber’s will that he should not actively mix in as long as Mr. Spritzer is involved.

3) Mr. Spritzer claimed that the boards of directors have decided to give me 25% of what I collected, and he claimed that I have already been paid $1,500 for only $5,000 alone, that I have collected.

According to these words I am asking of the court, to obligate Mr. Spritzer to pay me at least $25,000 for the $100,000 dollars that I have collected in the years 1995 and 1996, which I have given him to deposit into the camps accounts. I have at the time submitted to him and to the rabbis the complete amount of money which I have brought in. And I have here now copies of what I have submitted than to the rabbis, parts of which (over $20,000) have already been submitted to the court by Mr. Schwartz. (Exhibit 1)

(And all this is aside from the work, months of work which I’ve worked for the camp (finding the grounds, preparing the grounds, etc.) and not been paid a penny.

Aside from this in the years of 1995 and 1996 I have made Kaporos for the people of the community as a fundraiser for the camp, I’ve worked on that for days so there should be an income for the camp. From these two years, we raised around $80,000 -a lot of that in cash- for the camp, all of which I gave to Mr. Spritzer To deposit in the camps account. (Exhibit 2)

In addition, I have received food donations from different places and companies for the camp.

For all this I’m owed at least $25,000 and I wonder why he didn’t put this money in his petition for bankruptcy, where he so clearly remembered his relative’s money.

4) Mr. Spritzer has said that he has put in $33,000 towards the last payment before the closing.

I’d like to notify the court (which 1 already stated in the deposition) that my brother Mendel and I have fundraised enough money to cover that payment, and we clearly asked him not to use a personal check to cover the payment, especially since there was enough in the checks which we have brought to cover that payment. Yet, he stubbornly insisted and deposited the money in his account and then went and gave a personal check towards the mortgage. And why did he insist on giving his personal money? Because he is a man with vision.

How stupid of us not to have realized at the time what his true intentions were, and not to have listened to Rabbi Heber who warned us about this.

5) Mr. Spritzer claimed that everything in the corporation was like a Chassidishe Shtiebel, of course this is what he wants it should be. But at the end of summer 1995 there had to be a meeting, so they wrote a letter to everybody and let them know where the meeting is going to be. And at the end of 1996 they announced that the meeting is going to be at a lawyer’s office. (I wonder if his personal business is also run like a Chassidishe Shtiebel.)

Of course, Mr. Spritzer would rather that it be like a chassidishe shtiebel and that he could drey it however he wants.

That is a man with vision.

6) Mr. Spritzer lengthily related to us how he took out personal money from his pocket and paid the head counselors with it.

We did not hear one word from him about the income of the camp. It seems from him, that someone else is in charge of the income and he is only in charge of giving out money.

Where did all the money go?!?!?
All the money went to him.
All the cash went to him.

There was cash from tuition – many of the parents paid with cash. And there was cash from the canteen, which he used to collect every Sunday supposedly to put into the camps account.

And when he has to give petty cash he screams why only HE has to give. When my brother Mendel gave cash – about $4,000, for the PA system and walkie talkies, etc. – which was in addition to $2,000 in checks, it was HIS PERSONAL MONEY from HIS PERSONAL ACCOUNT, because he was not the one in charge of collecting all the money and he didn’t WANT to be in charge. But when Mr. Spritzer gives money it is from money that came in. Now that is a man with vision.

7) Mr. Spritzer told us lengthily how much money he put out towards the camp, and it came out to be about over a million dollars. And he somehow succeeded to reduce the loan of his friend Mr. Schreiber to only $80,000 using a story about stocks. Now this is a man with vision, who knows how to kick everyone out that only he should remain.

It is very interesting and totally not understood, how Mr. Spritzer, who is not known to be a charitable man (BAAL TZEDOKAH) even on small amounts, and most definitely not to be a matan  beseser should so suddenly give quietly over a million dollars?!

He claims now that it was given in terms of a loan, and that he didn’t have saichel at the time to get a promissory note or a decision from the board in writing saying that we owe him this amount of money. Can you believe it?? He brought checks from his personal account or from A-1 as proof that he gave. But he himself knows that in checks from his account is not proof that he loaned or gave because he’s not telling us how much was put from camp to his account as I said before about the mortgage. (So he has nothing to show)

Your honor, I went this year to visit the campus and 1 can tell you, that the place is in terrible condition, and it seems that no money was put into the grounds since I was there in 1996.

So where did all the money that Mr. Spritzer is talking about go? If he had to spend some money for boilers or pipes that were busted because of improper maintenance; this is nobody’s fault but his own, it is the fault of someone who has a vision.

More so, in 1996 my son-in-law and I prepared registration for about 400 children, and every child paid $1,400 either from parents money or from scholarships, not to mention the money that comes in from the lunch program, which together would equal out to close to a million dollars, and from our experiences I can say that the expenses are not so great. And if so the question remains, what about the money from that year, and Mr. Spritzer says that he put in that year $200 000 for what? Who needed the money?? Where did all of it go?

8) Mr. Spritzer has DELIBERATELY misled the court when he said Wednesday that all the camps are taking $8,000 per child and when he takes $2,000 it’s a scholarship.

This is misleading, for all the Lubavitch Camps in the U.S. take the same amount of around $2,000 for the entire summer season, or even less if there is a scholarship.

9) In the first motion that was submitted to the court, by Then Mr. Spritzer’s lawyer Peretz Bronstien, Mr. Spritzer claimed that the Hershkop’s want to take over the camp, Something which no one even thought of at the time. In reality, who took over the camp? Mr. Spritzer and his sons, daughter’s, son- in-law and they turned it into a private family enterprise. (Exhibit 3) Now that is a man with vision.

And in conclusion, your honor,

Mr. Spritzer is a man that will not hesitate for a split second to say something which is not true,

10) The whole RICO case is one big libel, he claims that bee be Bullets were shot at his house and he claims that we did it, not only does he bring no proof with this, not only was there no complaint to the police about us, but he himself admitted in the deposition that he had suspicions about one of his employee’s that he is the one that shot the bee be guns, and he brought the FBI and they questioned his employee (Pages 143-154, Exhibit 4), (and they didn’t question us) and he still has the Chutzpah to come in federal court, blame us , and hide this fact.

11) And not only did he claim this six years ago but even recently, when he took the court case to Bankruptcy court in Pennsylvania, he told the judge under oath the same complaints about the violence and bee be guns all without shame, Just as without any hesitation or shame he told the judge there that there is still a restraining order from your honor on us, and he knew that you had already removed the restraining order, yet he claimed so without hesitation or shame.

Your honor, There is a saying in the Talmud:
A person will not say lies, which can easily be discovered.

But the Rebbe of blessed memory asked once that we still see people that lie in any case, and the Rebbe answers;
When we look into the wording of the Talmud it says INSHEI which means a mensch, however someone who is not a mensch can boldly lie to you in the face even on something, which you know now, that it is a lie.

Thank you very much,
Meir Hershkop
Pro Se

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