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Shooting on camp grounds

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Meir Hershkop
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11225

June 12, 2001

Re: Machne Menachem vs. Hershkop et al 97CV2550

To the Honorable Judge Glasser,

We find it important to bring to your attention what happened on the camp property last Sunday afternoon, June 3. 2001.

In light of the uncertain situation created by the lawsuit brought by the plaintiff. Yaakov Spritzer, we started to register and enroll campers for the coming summer. It was our intention to run the camp this year. To accomplish this we hired Bob, the caretaker that Mr. Spritzer fired last year. We gave Bob a contract for his employment this season. Meanwhile, Mr. Spritzer hired another caretaker to run the camp and proceeded to make Bob leave the premises through a lawsuit in the courts

It should be of interest to the Court that the original restraining order (that was already revoked and voided) has been used against us in the Pennsylvania Courts. Yet again, Mr. Spritzer presented the restraining order to question our legal right to the camp. Because we were not a party to that lawsuit we were not allowed to present documents, evidence, or defense in the case.

On Sunday, Mr. Spritzer’s caretaker and a work crew broke into an argument that resulted in gunshots and an arrest. The Spritzer’s caretaker drew a shot-gun and blasted the tires and windows of the camp tractor and also shot at the dogs that belonged to the work crew. In all 14 shots were fired by Mr. Spritzer’s caretaker. The Police were called and the caretaker was arrested. It is our understanding that the District Attorney of Pennsylvania has initiated criminal procedures against him

The Court must be aware of Mr Spritzer’s irresponsibility in hiring his employees and his lack of caring for the safety of the children and we Thank G-d that this occurred before camp started.

We want to take this opportunity to request that Your Honor finally rule on our case. We arc looking forward to your ruling, finally stopping all confrontation between Mr. Spritzer and the defendants, allowing the children to enjoy the summer.

Respectfully yours,
Meir Hershkop

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