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Letter #4

Posted in Letter by machnemenachem on April 19, 2009

RE Machne Menachem. Inc vs. Hershkop. et al.

97CV2550 (ILG)

With this letter I turn to you, the Honorable Judge, with the intention to bring before you a few points.

It is now three years that we are presented with this case, and we still don’t see the end. There is no question that the wheels of justice move slowly but at the end the truth will prevail. The question still remains, is it not time for justice to finally be done?

I have argued a number of times in front of Your Honor that this case is only a blood libel and this lengthy court preceding is a punishment for us all. Until today Mr. Spritzer has not proven any of his complaints. I can not understand how he can continue with his lies. We already know that his goal of bringing this case was to break us emotionally and financially. He never did imagine that this case would reach to this state

We saw how he and his friends testified in a mannar of “less then honest” It seems that taking another Jew to court has become commonplace. There is no authority in our community to stop this. The ones that suffer include our wives, and our children. Not to mention the enormous expense that this has cost us, at a time that Mr. Spritzer is using camp and corporate funds to pay his lawyers expenses Is this fair”

This coming Tuesday, June, 27, 2000 the camp starts. Your Honor, I would like to tell you a story about this Camp It was the second year of the camp and the children were already on the busses, we noticed a child crying. We approached this child and asked him why he is crying. The boy responded that everyone is going to camp and he will have to stay here because his parents are separated and have no means to send him to camp. Mendel Hershkop called the boy’s mother and told her that we will take her son to camp without pay. At that time, we realized that we will have to take some children for free, which we did. We made unbelievable efforts to raise the finds for such children and to see that this camp runs successfully. Now that Mr. Spritzer runs this camp as his personal business, run directly by his family and son in law, no one can go without full payment even more so; it is difficult to receive a small discount. Your honor, will our own children get a chance to go to camp this summer Are they to stand by and watch the buses leave to camp without them. To a camp that was established with their fathers strength and blood? To a camp that was created with much sacrifice on their account? Is this fair?

Personally, I can’t understand how people that are “less then honest ” in the Courts and who have doctored and lost tapes, get another chance to have this camp. Another summer and another summer! Who made this camp? Who found this site? Who arranged the mortgage? Who arranged the funds for the deposit? It was only, we, the defendants!

Five years have passed since we realized that funds were misappropriated The defendants, the Rabbis, the Courts, and many intermediaries requested an accounting over and over again, but to no avail And Mr. Spritzer gets another chance! Your honor, our lives have been destroyed as a result of our good intentions. Many of those who falsely testified now realize their horrific mistake and backed off

It seems to me that we have a mission from above. (This is not the place to go into the details of our community infighting.) Let be known that we are dealing with a small group of wicked people that claim, that after the passing of our Dear Rebbe, they can take over the institutions, of the Rebbe of Blessed Memory, by force and terror They do things that in any other Jewish community would not be tolerated. It is our mission, to show that it is not a free for all. They will not be able to use the Rabbis and the Court to destroy families. Yakov Spritzer has publicly embarrassed the Rabbis by not complying with their decrees against him.

Therefore, I hereby turn to you, the Honorable Judge, that although you did not Finalize your decision on the motion of May 5, 2000, our children should have the opportunity to go to camp, free of all harassment. Additionally, I want to remind the court that a year ago, you had intended to rule on the corporation and its withstanding, but withheld because of your belief’ that there could be an peaceful compromise. As is known, Mr. Spritzer rejected any compromise over and over again.

Wishing you the Wisdom of Solomon and May you merit bringing peace to our community.

Thereof, the plaintiffs and their ‘friends’ will realize that- one Jew taking another Jew to the Court, in vain, is not according to the Code of Jewish Law.

With blessing,
Meir Hershkop, pro se

cc: all parties

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