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Warning Letter: 5768-2008

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The following letter was written and given out to the community, by the original directors Isru-Chag Pasach 5768-2008


Machne Menachemwarning-letter-hebrew-2008

Isru Chag Pasach 5768 -2008

Soldiers of the Rebbe or Mutineers against the Rebbe


Of late a member of our community gave notice that he is opening a summer camp by the name of Chayolei Hamelech in Lackawaxen, PA.

We are hereby notifying the community that this is mutiny against the Rebbe Chas Vesholom. According to Torah law we are the rightful owners of that property and do not give him permission to use this property. One who sends his children to this camp is considered a thief C”V. In a camp on stolen property, one can never accomplish a Chassidic education.

The Crown Heights Bais Din has put an injunction on Mr. Spritzer and forbade him to use these premises, until the ownership will be determined (attached is the B”D Letter).

Upon the advice of the Bais Din we called for a Din Torah outside Crown Heights. We called Mr. Spritzer to the Bais Din of Machon Lehoraya in Monsey (see attached doc) and after 3 Hazmonos and warning to Siruv he started mocking the Bais Din, he was warned by the Bais Din to stop mocking them. As of today he has not appeared in front of the Bais Din.

With blessing of a healthy and safe summer

Board members of Machne Menachem


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