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Exhibit #5


At the outset of the Holy Sabbath Tazria Portion 5th day of Nissan 5757 (4/12/97)

Honorable Rabbis members of the Rabbinical Court,

Many Greetings and Blessings!

To remove obstacle and slander

Since you have come clean before G-d and before the (Jewish) People of Israel we are bringing the following lines:

Rumors have reached our ears that Mr. Spritzer and Mr. Schreiber are making it public that we the undersigned have filed against them a legal claim and under that pretext they announce that they are going to file a legal claim against us in a gentile court. Therefore in order to clarify things and put the record straight and in order to inform the Rabbis about the gravity of the consequences which are liable to reach a point of no return out of our control we bring you forth the following statement:

We the undersigned are among the founders and members of “Camp Menachem” since its establishment and during the first year we administered it magnificently in the education of the children and the level of studies, but last year for various and weird reasons Satan succeeded and we were not administering the camp in practice, and indeed the outcome was undesirable as everyone knows and the truth should not be denied.

However it is clear that we have never resigned from the responsibility and the right to the enterprise and we had no question among us if we are the owners, there was also never even a Din Torah (with all the Council members) about the ownership of the camp.

It is understood that this has no connection to the Din Torah that Mr. Spritzer and Mr. Schreiber had against Meir Hershkop about the administration of the camp last year, also because in the Rabbis’ verdict it was stated explicitly that it wasn’t a determination concerning the ownership of the camp, and most of all, Mr. Meir Hershkop is not a registered member in the official papers, and a verdict against him does not oblige the official members who are the owners also according to the law of the land.

It has been already two years that the members of the institution who are registered in the official papers of the State and we the undersigned among them, have been demanding from Mr. Yaakov Spritzer a detailed account of all the income and expenses already from the first year, particularly in light of the fact that at the time of the founding of the institution during the first meeting it was decided among all the members that the institution would serve as an example of maintaining a perfect accounting up to the last penny, to show to all the Council members and the accountant etc.

On Mr. Yaakov Spritzer demand that he should handle the accounting we naively agreed to it but on the above mentioned condition many fold more.

However in practice even after all the requests and demands he avoided from giving an account, up to the point that with his impertinence he would say that he put in money from his pocket (he once said thirty thousand, then he said sixty up to seventy thousand for the first year) and therefore we have no right asking for the account.

The Council members told him explicitly that they are responsible for each penny and if indeed it will be verified that he spent from his pocket they would pay him that, but they wanted to see a detailed account, and he remained in his own stance with all sorts of evasions and didn’t submit the account.

It is understood that the account that he posted recently on the synagogue walls doesn’t meet the demand at all and even the accountant himself writes that its nothing more than what he told him but it did not elaborate on the details of the income and expenses.

And with his smooth tongue he managed to convey to distinguished persons that the first year indeed he did put from his pocket seventy thousand and in the last year it still isn’t clear because once he said two hundred and fifty thousand until recently when he claimed that he invested (not more and not less than) four hundred and twenty five thousand.

We as official members are personally responsible towards the government for all the institution’s activities in the past and in the present as well as in the future be it taxation or other similar areas etc. especially if we receive government assistance as is known and a hint is enough for the wise.

It is clear to us that he didn’t invest anything from his pocket and that he is only using it as a false pretext in order to cover up for his misdeeds in handling the money, and if he proves that he put in his money – as a loan and other similar recorded transactions – any amount for a vital purpose and still didn’t get it back, we told him since then that he would be reimbursed.

After many requests the Council members decided to convene a members meeting to protest and demand the accounts. Spritzer received an official notice in writing through an attorney requesting him to show the accounts. After Spritzer disregarded this demand too he was notified through an attorney that he is not authorized to sign any check that belongs to “Camp Menachem” (as well as it is forbidden for others who are not official members of the institution to sign). After Spritzer disregarded this demand too – and obviously this and of itself arises suspicion – the Council members decided that it was their right and duty to inform the bank through an attorney that it shouldn’t respect any check with the above mentioned person’s signature in anything concerning Camp Menachem.

And here the above mentioned person awoke and issued confusing statements about the Council members as if they took funds from the company and announced that he are intends to file a legal claim against us, we hereby clearly state:

1) We have not yet taken him to a gentile court, and of course a letter through an attorney is not considered (by the Rabbinical Court) as going to a gentile court as it is well known.

2) We are not at all apprehensive by his claim in a gentile court, and on the contrary some from among the Council members are waiting for this step on his part because precisely there the issue will become clear enough if he put in funds or he took etc., and perhaps also distinguished persons will see and realize.

3) It is understood that on our part we will appear as defendants with a counter-claim and there will be no escape from subpoena of all the necessary documents for clarifying the truth. And it is possible that they will investigate institutions to whom he is connected, until things will be beyond anyone’s control, and even if they regret the step that they have taken, it will be too late and nobody can predict the outcome.

4) We declare and repeat and declare that we are the official Council members of the institution of Camp Menachem, none of us has ever resigned or relinquished his rights and no one among them has the authorization to direct the camp under this name without the consent of the majority of the official members as the law of the land requires. (Of course we have no objection etc. if they manage an institution or a similar entity under another name).

5) If the Rabbis deem it proper we are ready to participate in any meeting that may be convened for a general settlement about the future of the administration of the institution. And great is the peace which is precisely a vessel to G-d’s blessings as our sages explained in several places and great is the merit of those who are involved in it, and G-d should bless His people with peace.

Best wishes and a Happy and Kosher Holiday
(Signature)      Yoseph Goldman
(Signature)     Shmuel Halevy Heber

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