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Letter #7 Winterizing the Camp

Posted in Letter by machnemenachem on May 3, 2009

Meir Hershkop
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11225

MACHNE MENACHEM INC.,           CV 97-2550 (Glasser,J.)





Att: Mr. Rubin,


I would like to notify you, that this past Sunday (June 23), I have visited the camp grounds of Machne Menachem in Pennsylvania with my friends Heber and Goldman and to see how the camp grounds are being prepared for the upcoming summer season (which will be starting Tuesday June 25), I also wanted to see what type of renovations were done since I was last there in the winter.

We were disappointed to see, that aside from the grass, which was cut, the grounds are in total neglect, the bunks are not prepared, the beds are not prepared, practically nothing is prepared for the children who will be coming in just two days. We were surprised see that no interior or exterior renovations whatsoever worth mentioning were done to the bunk houses in this past year, the bunkhouses weren’t even plastered or painted.

We were astonished to see that the only two houses on the campus that were winterized were burnt to the extent of disrepair. (It seems that they were burnt recently, in the past few months.)

It is still unclear to us as to how this fire happened and if insurance claims were filed for these houses yet.

What is relevant to the case at hand is that these to houses are in middle of the camp grounds and are not sealed off, and will be a hazard for the children who will be arriving shortly, who can hurt themselves if they decide to go and “check out” the building (as children are prone to do). Therefore it is important to see to it that either the grounds are immediately cleaned out or at least gated off properly so that the children will not be able to access the destroyed structure.

I would also like to bring to your attention that from the information that we received from the insurance company about the complaint which Mr. Spritzer filed for hurricane damages (in the hurricane that happened last year), aside from the $75,000 which he received (to which he acknowledged in court) he also had received $15,000 for the same claim in the past summer. (It seems that he tried concealing these facts from the court in his testimony). And from what we see in the files, the case is still not closed and he is still claiming more money.

All this is aside from the money that he has received in automobile damages from the insurance company, for cars that he claims belonged to Machne Menachem. It is self understood that all this causes long term damage to the camp, being that the premiums rise with every claim.

About the $75,000 that Mr. Spritzer received in April of this year from the insurance company, Mr. Spritzer stated under oath that he had deposited the money in a special account as by the bankruptcy court. We are currently investigating if he had actually deposited the money in that account as he had said, and if he had done this in accordance with of the laws of bankruptcy court, or is he had deposited the money in a totally different account. The investigation is still pending. (Mr. Rutman has told the insurance company not to give us information regarding this matter; it seems as if he has something to hide).

Mr. Spritzer has not fulfilled his obligations as told to him by the bankruptcy court to fill out a monthly statement stating the financial position of the camp. He has not submitted a statement from April to date. In light of the severity of the situation in the camp I tried to write you immediately, and I in turn ask you to try to hurry and fix the situation as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the children.

I would greatly appreciate, in order to remove strong suspicions from us, if you could let us know if you can get us any information regarding the $75,000 as to where it was deposited and to send us a copy of the endorsements on the check, or to notify the insurance company that they can help us out with this.

Wishing you a happy and healthy summer.

Meir Hershkop
Pro se,

To:  Federal Court Honorary Judge Glasser
Mr. Kaplan
Mr. Levi Hartman


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