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Letter to Yeshivas and Mosdos

Posted in Letter by machnemenachem on May 3, 2009


9 Adar 1 5768

To the honorable Board of Directors of Yeshive Oholai Menachem

We were shocked to hear that some Yeshive employees (Teachers) are making efforts on behalf of Camp Chayalai Hamelech. You are surly aware that the above mentioned camp is on the property of Machne Menachem in Pennsylvania.

Please be aware that there has been a Psak Din and restraining order from the Crown Heights Bais Din, that Yaakov Spritzer or his representative are not to use the property of Machne Menachem, until there will be a definitive conclusion through a Din Torah at an appropriate Bais Din, as to who are the rightful owners of the above mentioned property. (Attached is letter from Bais Din)

In accordance with the instruction of the Bais Din, we have turned to the Bais Din of the Machon Le’horaya for a Din Torah. This Bais Din has already sent him 3 Invitations (Hazmanos), and he refuses to come to a Din Torah. In the near future a (Siruv) will be announced on him. (See attached letter)

In light of the above, we turn to you with the request and demand, to stop your employees from participating in the efforts on behalf of Camp Chayolai Hamelech, which may result in unpleasant situations, aside from the Issur of participating in Hasagas Gevul.

Happy Purim

Board of Machne Menachem

Yeshive Chovevai Torah
Yeshiva Ocean Parkway
Yeshive Crown Streeet
Tzivos Hashem
Merkos Leinyonai Chinuch
Lubavitch Youth
Jewish Community Council
Crown Heights Bais Din


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