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Response to Motion that was presented to Court concerning an order to show cause for a renewel of a restrainig order

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Date: July 22, 2001

Re: Machane Menachem, Inc. v. Hershkop. Et al. 97 civ.2550

To The honorable Judge Glasser:

1) This letter is in response to the motion that was presented to this court concerning an order to show cause for a renewal of a restraining order.

2) I will not dwell on trying to explain the actions of the directors of Machane Menachem in freezing the bank accounts of Machane Menachem, for surly, given they have acted in such a manner, they did so in a fully legal manner, and will explain their actions to this court.

3) One can only assume that being the directors of Machane Menachem, they have the privilege and responsibility to see to it that the financial status of Machane Menachem is monitored and looked after, and are not controlled by just one person, especially considering the fact that this person, namely Mr. Spritzer, is no longer a director of Machane Menachem, since being voted out by the board of directors (see exhibit “A”).

4) Even more so, after your honor advised the board of directors of Machane Menachem to execute any legal actions thought necessary for the good of the corporation OD October .2nd, 1998 (see exhibit “B”).

5) One can only marvel at the “chutzpa” of Mr. Spritzer, whom not only refuses to resign after being emitted by the board of directors, but even more so demands that the board of directors seek his permission before accessing the bank accounts which belong to Machane Menachem!

6) Your honor, when this summers registration for the camp was started, it was made very clear that no campers would be accepted unless the full summers pay was received in advance. According to Mr. Spritzer there are currently three hundred campers enrolled in Machane Menachem, and being that each camper was charged two thousand dollars for the summer, there must be approximately six hundred thousand dollars in the accounts of Machane Menachem, which can only make me wonder, what happened to the remaining five hundred and forty thousand dollar? Did he put it in his private account? And furthermore, where is the cash? (All this is without considering the possibility of monies given by the government or other outside income).

7) Your honor, what we’ve been claiming all these years, can now be seen very clearly. Mr. Spritzer does what he wants with the accounting of the camp. He does not consult any of the directors, he does not ask permission or explain his actions, and merely does what HE wants with the money as if it were his private business in which he has total control of all the money involved, even though it’s a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization.

8) The board of directors of Machane Menachem and I have visited the camp grounds several times during these past few months, to monitor the condition of the camp grounds. We were shocked and in utter dismay to find that the grounds were deserted and neglected. A large investment of time, energy, and money are needed to bring these grounds to normal camping standards. Not only are there no signs of Mr. Spritzer investing large amounts of money, there are no signs of any investment at all!! Attached are photos of the neglected grounds. (See exhibit”C”). This is also the reason so many of the buildings on the grounds, including the kitchen, synagogue, infirmary, etc., have been vacated and closed down by the state of Pennsylvania.

9) I have notified this court several times of the fact that I found these campgrounds, I bought these campgrounds, and I put down almost all the deposits on these grounds. I know exactly what condition these grounds were in when obtained, and sadly I must say that the condition these grounds are in now are much worse than they were originally. I find this amazing since Mr. Spritzer claims to have invested over one million dollars in the camp!! (Unless of course these million dollars are referring to stocks Mr. Spritzer purchased under the name of Machane Menachem).

10) The board of directors and I went to the camp grounds on or about mid-June to see if anything was done about the “vacate” orders issued by the state of Pennsylvania, only to find that nothing had been done to uplift any of those orders. We notified the state of Pennsylvania that nothing had been done to rectify any of the violations for which the buildings had been vacated, and asked them to see to it that everything was in good order before the children arrived, however Mr. Spritzer was able to con them into believing everything was in good order and got them to eliminate the vacate orders. (I would also like to know if Mr. Spritzer had a C.O. to open the camp by the time the campers arrived and if he can please present it to this court).

11) Mr. Spritzer claims that our intentions are to close Machane Menachem. Apparently there is no limit to the “chutzpa” of this man. Just several months ago he attempted to sell the campgrounds, and was only stopped by us through this court at the last minute! And he out of all people accuses us of wanting to close the camp?!?!

12) Mr. Spritzer claims that we are harassing him and he wants to bring the RICO charges back. Your honor, how long will you let Mr. Spritzer make a laughing stock out of this court? How long will you let him laugh at a community, and most of all how long will you let him spill blood of several families? After several years have passed and he was still unable to prove his claims of our being “terrorist” and “mafia”, he is still trying to convince you of our non-existent guilt. This all while he himself was involved in the severe beating I received in the synagogue at 770 Eastern Pkwy. after prayers. And I have evidence, not merely speculation, that he was behind the above-mentioned incident (see exhibit “D”).

13) Your honor, is it not time for all this to come to an end already? Is it not time for Mr. Spritzer to face justice for lying to the court, for lying to the bank, and for lying to the government?


I would like to ask your honor to please issue a ruling restraining Mr. Spritzer and his son-in-law Mr. Rutman from accessing any of the bank accounts of Machane Menachem, or from making any decisions concerning Machane Menchem without the explicit permission of the board of directors of Machane Menachem. I would also like to ask for a restraining order against Mr. Spritzer and Mr. Rutman from harassing me, as they have done to me twice on the camp grounds in the past (see exhibit “E”).

With blessings and respect,
Meir Hershkop

cc: all parties

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