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Chanina Sperlin’s Mesira

Posted in mesira by machnemenachem on June 1, 2009

Chaninas Sperlin mesira

Chaninas Sperlin mesira

Investigation; Criminal Mischief 4.
Location; 770 Eastern Okway
Subject; Interview of Chanina Sperlin

1.           On 5/1/2001 at approximately 1500 the undersigned contacted the reporter in this investigation. Chanina Sperlin by telephone. He stated that he is a member of Congregation Lubavitch. He did not witness the criminal mischief of the display case inside the synagogue but did see the vido cassette tape of this incident. He stated that even thought he was the reporter of this incident. He further stated when asked if if was willing to speak with an ADA and sign a complaint against the subjects involved he stated no. he said that there are five members of the Board of Directors that pay the bills and are responsible for the maintenance of this location. This Directors are Menachem Gerlitsky, Yosef Holtzberg, Zalman Lipsker and Yehuda Blesofsky. Yehuda Blesofsky secretary of the board and his ————– he will sign the complaint and confer with the ADA when an arrest is made and also provide proof of his position at the Synagogue.

2.          In view of the above this case remains active.


Chanina Sperlin mesira

Chaninas mesira

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