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Suing the Crown Heights Bais Din

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[Before I begin, Disclaimer: The only side I belong to in the RIGHT side, I don’t belong to any party, I don’t belong to any ideology etc… I have my principles which is basted on Torah/ Shulchan Aruch. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong, no matter who does it, when and why.  I am calling it as it is, not how I would like it to be. And Right now my issue is the ongoing Mesira. Mesira is the main goal of my sight in general].

I never thought this day would come, when I would have to write a post like this, this is unexpected.
I always knew this day would come, it was a matter of time, it was so expected.

I am glad.
I am sadden.
I am excited.
I am shocked.

I am absolutely sure on what to write about this.
I have no idea where to start.

One thing I know for certain, I’M CONFUSED!!!

I am going to analyze this from a few different angles.

Q.     Who is being sued here?
A.     The Crown Heights Bais Din.
Q.      Is this the first such Lawsuit/Mesira that has taken place in Crown Heights?
A.     Absolutely Not! As you have read on this very site (Spritzer suing in Federal Court A.K.A. Mesira); Dovid Fisher, Stolik (Spritzers Sister), Moshe Rabashkin and  7 members of Shomrim.
Q.     Did the Bais Din take an active role in stopping these Mesiras.
A.     In two of the three cases mentioned above (Machne Menachem and Fisher), the Crown Heights Bais Din has taking  an active role in helping the  Mossrim when ever it was able (if not by actually getting involved then by not getting involved to stop it).

Q.      Who are behind all these Messiras (Machne Menachem, Fisher, Rubashkin and Shomrim)?
A.      The very same people who are behind this Mesira against our Bais Din (today, 5769)!

Q.      What?! No Way!? This is shocking?! I can’t believe this!  Do you mean to tell me that the very same people who have been spilling Jewish blood in the name of “Koved HaRabonim” and אביר שבאבירים are now suing (Mesira) on the very same Bais Din?  Are you saying that the very same people who got up on the Rebbes Bima (with a Sefer Torah in hand) to make false blood libels in clothed in Macho’os all in the name of “Koved HaRabonim” and אביר שבאבירים are doing this?!

A.      That is the fact!

Q.      Who are these people?

A.      These are the same people who have been creating Machlokes after Machlokes; Mesira after Mesira and Court case after court case for the last 30 years. These people have been systematically destroying all that is good in our community. Their goal is Envy, Lust, Honor, Money and more Money. Agenda first, everything else after.

If using Rebbe, Moshiach, Rabbonim, אביר שבאבירים, and  Community etc… will further their agenda, they will do so with out shame.

Their names are (over the top just some of the more famous ones , if I missed somebody, please fill me in). Yankle Spritzer, Yaakov Herzog, Chanina Sperlin, Eli Slavin, Yisroel Sandhaus, Joseph Speilman, Abba Paltiel, Michoel Chazzan, Chaim Serebransky, Shmuel Malamud, Yisroel Best, Yitzchok Holtzman, Yekutiel Rapp, Paul Hubener,Eliyahu Cohen and Mendle Hendle.

What they all have in common, they all support the Mishichistim/Tzivatim, Gabboyim, and Shmira. When it comes to destroying the opposition, all these factions unit (this is their common goal).

Q.     What is their agenda (with these Mesiras); Are they serious, How far are they ready to go with this?

A.    This is their common tactic, to intimated and scare the opposition in to giving up; shutting up and going away.
If you have taken the time to read this site, you will find that Spritzer (who is part of this circle of terrorist and thugs), tried this very same tactic. Spritzers original thought was that the moment the Rightful owners of Machne Menachem would see the viscous lawsuit he made against them,  they would do anything to have Spritzer take this case out of court. His thinking was, these guys (Hershkops and Heber) can barley  speak English, I (Spritzer) have a lot of money to go to court as long as it takes, these guys (Hershkops, Goldman and Heber) will fold after just a few payments to lawyers, and give me what I want, plus.

This is a proven fact, for Spritzer himself offered this time and time again, “just sign that everything is mine and I’ll drop the case”. [Read: Greeting and Blessing a letter to the community by one of the Machne Menachem Directors].

Whats happening now is no different, they know that this whole elections was a fraud, they know come trail date (where people will have to sit on the stand and give testimony etc..)  they will loss. They know (we all know) that they took over by force (braking and entering). Had they won in a legal manner, they would have taken what was “rightfully” theirs in a legal and civil manner (that was not the case). So they resort to this, intimidation, terrorism, bulling and straight out thug like behavior.

Q.     Why isn’t Rabbi Osdoba on in this suit?
A.     This is also part of their tactic. To divide and conquer. Once they get ride of the other Rabbonim, it will be easier for them to get ride of Rabbi Osdoba.

My massage to those who are being Massered on:
Hold on, don’t give up, this is just another replay, endure, stick it out and fight back!
What these people have done and are doing now, is not just against the individuals in the actual lawsuit this is a assault against all of us. This is a message to all of us, get in our way and we will do this to you!.  This assault has been happening all along, but it was ignored by you all, you all said “it’s both sides”; “it’s not my problem”; “why can’t they get along” etc…etc… It’s never to late to wake up and take action.

[It’s time the community starts looking in to all the Messiras that have plagued our community all these years, starting with Fisher, Machne Menachem, Stolik, Shomrim and now this].

Summary: This was coming, it was a matter of time, as it says in Pirki Avot (CH 2 Mishna 6)…

Nonetheless, the people who are behind this (Mesira) have no right, they are not doing this because they believe in right or wrong; they are not doing this for justice (and even if they are, who appointed them to mend out justice?) this is and always has been about themselves.

[Anyone whom might be interested in a PDF version of this can request one at machnemenachem at]


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