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Parshas Machne Menachem-Foreword

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Many have asked us to explain the truth behind the unfortunate dispute over Machane Menachem summer camp.

This letter describes how the camp started and how individuals have sought to exploit it for their own benefit, resorting to a pattern of deception in a cunning conspiracy to push out the original directors [of Machane Menachem] [Note:currently known as Chayolei Hamelech] and take full control.

Unfortunately, those individuals have been at least partially successful. They got members of our Beth Din involved, and “raised their hand against Torahs Yisroel” (as the Rambam says) by  suing the camp’s other directors in Federal Court with Accusations reminiscent of the blood libels of the Middle Ages.

They have continued this Chillul Hashem for two years, [it would be now in 5769, nine years of Chillul Hashem] causing us [Machne Menachem] huge financial loss and aggravation. Recently their deceptions have brought the situation to a head, making the Chillul Hashem even worse when the head of the Beth Din [Rabbi Marlow obm] recently testified in court.

The following, written by Rabbi Shmuel Heber, details in brief the unadorned facts of the case, with documentation and proof. This gives unbiased members of the public the chance to avoid being misled by hypocrites who “act like Zimri, then ask to be rewarded like Pinchas.” In future letters we hope to go into greater details.

Meanwhile, we can report good news, thank G-d: On the day before Purim, the judge [Leo Glasser] informed us that he is dismissing all claims against us in the name of Machane Menachem, and if Yaakov Spritzer wishes to continue any suit against us in court, he must do so in his own name, not in the name of the camp [Machne Menachem]. (see Exhibit #7)

Hoping that very soon everyone will realize the full truth,
The Original Directors of Machne Menachem

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