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Whatever happens to us is no random event, G-d forbid, as the Rambam says. Everything is from Heaven, signaling to us to examine our deeds and correct whatever is deficient, especially something similar to what has happened.

Thinking about this lawsuit and how much our accusers and others have worked to vilify us, I began to realize the gravity of the sin of which many of us have been guilty, or at least to which we have silently acquiesced – of publicly denouncing Chassidim, Roshei Yeshiva, Mashpiyim, Shluchim, honest and upright Jews.

We were allowed to do it for the sake of Kovod HaRabbonim – without realizing that we were being misled by quarrelsome troublemakers out to advance their own agenda!

If we five have had to suffer, let us at least serve as a public example of how far controversy and personal agendas can lead, so that we can all learn from now on to avoid hatred and dissension like fire, and to be careful in treating everyone – whether we agree with him or not – with respect and true Ahavas Yisrael.

May it be Hashem’s will that peace and unity be restored to our community, as befitting for Chassidim, and that the community of Crown Heights should regain its fine name, and be a worthy vessel for the Brochos of the Rebbe that “Kan Tziva Hashem Es Habracha”. As our sages teach us, “G-d found no better vessel for blessings than peace”, and may we merit the ultimate blessing of the immediate and true redemption, speedily and in our days.
(Exhibit #8)

Wishing everyone a kosher and joyous Pesach,
Rabbi Shmuel Heber

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