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Posted in Uncategorized by machnemenachem on June 21, 2009

It is not normal practice to respond to lies spread by vicious individuals, manly because our Sages teach that “Falsehood does not last,” and even in this “World of falsehood” the truth eventually surfaces.

Nevertheless, I am responding this time not only at the only at the urging of friends but because a letter sent to every resident of the neighborhood by the Crown Heights Community Council demanded that I come out openly to express my position.

Please note: Although everything stated in this letter is fully documented, there is not enough space in one letter to list every detail and quote every document and proof. We have much, much more, and anyone interested in discovering the truth is welcome to ask me full documentation of everything written here.

Also, this letter is not meant to hurt anyone. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to bring the true facts of this unfortunate case to light and I beg forgiveness from anyone who may find it offensive. Even so, I hope he will still drew the appropriate conclusions and follow up with the necessary action.

This letter is not addressed to the malevolent troublemakers who thrive on dissension and miss no opportunity to stir up controversy. They have no interest in knowing the truth, so no letter can deter them from their goal of provoking strife and sitting back to enjoy the action…

This letter is addressed only to those genuinely interested in the truth, who are honestly concerned about respect for the Torah, and are upset by what they feel to be the Chillul Hashem of Rabbi Marlow being called to court.

I too am deeply disturbed by the Chillul Hashem – which is far greater then you imagine, as is apparent from judge’s response after the testimony (see Exhibit #1)

This letter will indicate who indeed was responsible for bringing Rabbi Marlow to court, and who is responsible for the Chillul Hashem it caused and which still continues.

As stated, this letter is based entirely upon verifiable, documented facts. Anyone wishing to express an opinion on this issue or write a letter to the public must first verify the facts of the case according to documentary evidence that I and others will gladly show him. Otherwise he is no more then quarrelsome hate monger and a deliberate troublemaker…

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