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After they were informed by the bank, Spritzer and Schreiber, at the end of winter, 1997, decided to sue us in Federal court under RICO for over $2,000,000! (see Exhibit #3). Concocting a bunch of libels and falsehoods, they accused us of terrorizing, mail fraud and embezzlement, that Meir Hershkop and taken money for himself and tried to gain control of the camp by hiring his son-in-law as its manager.

This was a diversionary tactic to enable them to seize full control of the camp. They succeeded at first in giving the judge a negative impression of us. They brought false witnesses including Joseph Spielman, Yaakov Herzog, and Yisroel Sandhaus, who all testified falsely against us in court! Spielman testified that his van had been burned and he believed it was Hershkop who did it. This testimony persuaded the judge to reopen the bank account for them and issue a restraining order against us, forbidding us to come in contact with plaintiffs or with the camp.

But Spritzer and Schreiber were not yet satisfied. Although the account was now open, they did not withdraw their RICO suit for $2000, 000 against us. We were forced to hire a lawyer, who succeeded in partially removing the restraining order.

During the winter of 1998, Spritzer got into an argument with his lawyer, Peretz Bronstein Esq., who left him because he was not paid. His new lawyer, Carl Bronstein Esq., succeeded in getting the restraining order reinstated by falsely claiming we were disturbing his peace of mind by calling him an “informer” and even that we had shot at his windows – another libel reminiscent of the Middle Ages!

By early summer, 1998, seeing how lawyers’ fees had already cost us $50,000, we had no choice but to start representing ourselves – against the advice of all experts. Now each of us would have to defend himself as he saw fit, without needing the agreement of the others. Nevertheless, we were very successful and the judge gradually came around to seeing that it was Spritzer’s side that was lying, and he removed the restraining order. On Erev Tisha B’Av, realizing how their whole case was based on lies, he started changing his whole approach towards us.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bronstein, their layer, was aggressively preparing for trail, sending us subpoenas. He almost made sure that each subpoena came to our homes on the day of Shabbos and Yom Tov, even forcing us to appear in court on Chol Hamoed. We were called in separately for cross-examination and to submit documentation.

In response, we submitted subpoenas to defend ourselves. Among others, we requested the Secretaries of the Beth Din for all documentation relating to the Din Torahs concerning Machne Menachem, including all correspondence from both sides’ and especially the tape recordings made at the sessions with the Beth Din. Since our adversaries based their case on these sessions, the tape recordings were especially vital for our defense.

However, instead of impartially filling this simple and reasonable written request to give us documents that could help us defend ourselves fairly in court, the secretaries of the Beth Din, for unknown reasons, resorted to all sorts of devious means to avoid giving us these documents and tapes at all cost.

Even more shocking was the testimony of Yossi Brook, in whose possession the Beth Din’s Tapes were kept for safekeeping (!), that he had given all the original tapes – not copies – to Peretz Bronstein, who had been Spritzer’s and Schreiber’s lawyer. The judge was appalled that all the documentation had been given to only one side in the case!

After a second warning from the judge, the secretaries of the Beth Din managed to come up with 78 pages of documentation. We informed the judge of exactly what was missing, including the most important documents, and demanding especially copies of all the tapes.

On Monday, 6 Adar (2/22), Levi Yitzchok Schapiro, secretary of the Beth Din testified in court that he had given us all the documentation he had, that Yossi Brook had the tapes and that he has nothing more in his possession

The judge, realizing that a cover-up job was being perpetrated about the whereabouts of the documentation and tapes, decided to continue the hearing later that week on Thursday, 9 Adar, asking for (Peretz Bronstein), Meir Schreiber and Yossin Brook to appear.’

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