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Posted in Uncategorized by machnemenachem on June 21, 2009

As a nonprofit corporation, Camp Machne Menachem is under the authority of the Attorney General of New York State. By law, every member of a board of directors is responsible for all acts of the corporation’s withholding taxes.

Spritzer, we discovered, had not paid the withholding taxes nor submitted the required tax forms – for which we could be held personally liable. Another discovery was that Meir Schreiber was signing checks for the camp – which was against the law as he had never empowered to do so by the board of directors. Worse still, Spritzer and Schreiber has submitted documents to the bank to stop us from signing checks on the camp account – although, as continuing members of the board of directors, we were the camp’s true legal owners!

It is important to note that none of us has ever resigned from the board of directors nor given anyone power of attorney to remove us. Nor have we participated in any Din Torah or arbitration concerning the camp’s ownership.

Upon discovering this serious turn of events, we called an emergency meeting at a lawyer’s office of all members of the board of directors, including Spritzer. Instead of appearing personally, he called us by telephone from his own lawyer’s office. When our lawyer asked him by phone whether all tax records had been properly arranged and taxes paid, Spritzer admitted these had not been done.

As required by law, we called him twice more to a meeting. After he failed to appear all three times, we voted that Spritzer should no longer be permitted to sign checks, and that Schreiber, who anyway never had permission to sign, had no permission no, either. We sent this resolution to the bank, which immediately froze the account, as required by law.

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