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Much to our surprise and dismay, that Wednesday all defendants were served a subpoena in the name of the Beth Din to appear in court the next day to testify and bring along all documentation in our possession relating to the Beth Din. Although this seemed a strange request, it made us all appear the next morning in court. (see Exhibit #4).

As is well-known, especially to lawyers, a subpoena does not necessarily force one to appear in court, especially if received only the day before the hearing. Yossi Brook, for example, did not appear the first time he was subpoenaed. In fact, the judge himself told the lawyer: “The subpoena is issued and one of two things happens thereafter. Either a motion to quash the subpoena is made for appropriate reasons or the person subpoenaed appears and responds to whatever questions are going to be put to him.”

The subpoena served on the Rav could easily have been quashed. Why wasn’t it? Because those who thrive on controversy were just waiting for an opportunity to publicly denounce us and drag the entire community into the action! They were eager for the Rav to appear in court in order to foment a “holy war” against us on an issue – Kovod Horabbonim.

That is why someone paid the lawyer and gave him instructions to serve a subpoena on us in the name of the Beth Din, and that is why the Rav was urged to go to court right away and not seek any delay. This is not the first time, unfortunately, that individuals have tried to manipulate the Rabbonim and exploit them for personal motives or for power struggles of one group against another, even when this causes a serious Chillul Hashem

Aren’t they ashamed of themselves to use the Bima where the Rebbe Davened and cried for the whole Jewish people and spread Ahavas Yisracl around the world, and yet these individuals have not hesitated to use it now to stir up controversy and spread strife and hatred against innocent Jewish families of their own community who have been victimized by cunning deceivers?

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